5 months to go

Time continues to fly by as we hit the 5 month countdown to the big day. Oh sure, 5 months seems like a long time – but wedding planning seems to have its own accelerated timeline. Anyway, to celebrate this lovely little occasion, I am sharing a site that has recently gotten me through some of this never-ending planning as well as illustrated many MANY things that (I am hoping!) will not happen this September. Enjoy!





less than six months… wait… what?!


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Almost two months ago the wedding planning officially hit a new level, a new speed, and a new category of OMG, IF I DON’T GET THIS DONE NOW OUR BIG DAY WILL BE RUINED!!!! (Ray will attest to this). Oh sure, I look cool, calm, collected, and organized on the outside (right, honey?) but internally I have been a wedding planning fiend, and the blogging has fallen to the wayside. So, for a quick re-cap, here is what has been happening since my last post…

Ray and I have booked an entertainment company and met with our personal deejay, have found our officiant, chosen the wedding cake design and flavors, hired the caterer, decided on the dinner menu, selected tuxes, got Ray measured for his rental, found a photographer, booked a makeup artist/hair stylist, purchased the reception decor candles and bought stock in prescription pills to combat sleep deprivation. Okay… so maybe that last one isn’t true, but I am looking into it.

Next on the list seems to be booking the florist, and this is something I am definitely having a bit of trouble with. After a consultation early last week, I received a quote that had the bouquets alone come out to approximately $250. I don’t know how other brides do it! How do you justify spending that amount of money on flowers?? Am I crazy to think that is a lot of money for something (granted, very beautiful) that comes from dirt? I am just glad that my use of floral designs will be very limited and not include ceremony decor or reception centerpieces. I mean, really?! Flowers?!

At this point, the light at the end of the tunnel for me (aside from marrying Ray, of course – yes, you may all gag a little here) is closing in on only having to manage the fun extra details. The wine glass centerpieces Ray and I want to make together, the fun use of corks, the selection of some wedding playlist, etc. I can very well see myself eating these words as the day gets closer, but for now, these elements still seem like fun and so I will continue to hold out hope that I will enjoy them to the end.

Hope this brings my family and friends a little better up to date with the craziness of this fast approaching event. 🙂

something old, something new….


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…something borrowed, something blue.

What should I use for each category? Family, friends: any suggestions?

the dress


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After months of flipping through wedding magazines, browsing bridal websites, and (to Ray’s dismay) watching endless episodes of “Say ‘Yes’ to the Dress” the day finally arrived. I was actually about to try on bridal gowns!

The day started normal enough. A typical Saturday. I slept in a little. Got up slowly and began to get dressed and put on my makeup. Ray ran to the store to grab some ingredients for breakfast. But when he returned, he was carrying a bouquet of a dozen red roses and a heart shaped box of gourmet chocolates. “Happy 23 months and dress shopping day!” It was so sweet, but it was then that my mood began to change.

Suddenly my nerves were kicking in. I was giddy and anxious. And I started doubting (as ridiculous as it was since I hadn’t even been dress shopping yet) that I would be able to find a dress. What if they all look bad on me? What if I can’t find a style or fit that I like? What if this whole day (that I have been waiting excitedly for) ends up being an utter disaster?! Eventually, unable to sit still at our place anymore I grabbed by purse and left for the salon early, figuring I would stop by the craft store. Maybe DIY wedding decor will take my mind off the dress. Ha! Not a chance. Instead, I still  ended up at the salon almost 15 minutes early, and, like a crazy person, paced outside in front of the store as I waited for my mom and accompanying bridesmaid.

The next thing I knew my partners had arrived and suddenly we were in the salon, chatting about wedding decor ideas, getting a tour from the consultant, and then it was just me and a tiny fitting room – waiting for my dresses to be pulled.

As I came out in the first dress (one of the many I had picked off the salon website) I immediately knew it was not the one. It was cute to be sure. But something about it was just not right. Of course no dress would have looked excellent as I came out of the dressing room that first time. Everything was becoming so real at that moment that by the time I looked into the mirror I was flushed and trembling. Still, this was definitely not the dress. It was on to gown #2.

Now this was definitely my wedding gown. As I stepped out of the dressing room and up to the mirror I began to imagine wearing it on the day. Behind me my bridesmaid gasped and smiled while my mom did her best to hold back tears. And even though it was two sizes too big and held in place by clasps, I still couldn’t imagine what dress could be better.

They say when you find the dress you should stop shopping. Well, because it was only my second, I must admit I tried on a few more. And looking back, I think this made me even happier with my decision. Each dress I put on after was lacking, and worn only long enough for my to say, “It’s pretty, but I like the other one better.” So I tried on my gown again, this time in my actual size (the consultant tracked it down so we could see it without the clips). There was no denying it. I had my gown on again and now was certain I didn’t want to let it go. I had found my dress.

**Did you actually think I was gonna post a pic of the real gown? Haha! This is about as far from it as you can get.

Later my mom and bridesmaid celebrated with red wine, gourmet chocolates (I brought the ones Ray gave me) and happy hour. I kept celebrating later with more wine and some candlelight card games with Ray. I’d say it was a good day.

wedding gowns: if at first you don’t succeed…


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the second dress must be the one! Haha. No joke. The second style I tried on ended up being the gown I will walk down the aisle in. I will divulge more on the experience later, when I am done drinking red wine and celebrating 23 months with the fiance. But for now…. I GOT THE DRESS, I GOT THE DRESS, I GOT THE DRESS!!!!


*** for obvious reasons, no pics will be posted for this

just another excuse to drink


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Attention all family and friends  –

Because Ray and I would like to keep the wedding under budget, and, let’s be honest, I have been compulsively looking at wedding websites, we have found a few fun ways to create our own decor for the big day. The catch: our little projects require lots and lots of red wine bottles and corks. Soooooo, if you are a lover of the vino (I am talking to you, Cach family!) please save your empty bottles, set aside the corks, and let Ray or I know so that we may come and pick them up.

A huge “THANK YOU” in advance for all your help.


say cheeeeeeese!


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Get ready to share your biggest smiles and funniest faces. We are getting a photo booth!


you know wedding planning is getting to you when…



you tear up just looking at this. WANT!

**Yes, Ray has sung this to me. Multiple times 🙂

every groom’s nightmare


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This weekend the Portland Bridal Show was in full swing at the convention center. There were vendors, door prizes, handouts, a fashions show and waaaaaaaaay too many brides. Unfortunately, I have to admit I was one of them. And even more unfortunate (at least for him) Ray was right there with me.

For the two weeks leading up to this event, I staunchly determined that it would be a ridiculous zoo (which it kind of was) and I would have nothing to do with it. All I could imagine were hundreds upon hundreds of pushy brides/bridezillas with a few of their poor, sulking fiances in tow. Nope, definitely not for me.  Well….  until one of my coworkers informed me of all the deals and discounts one can receive going there. If you don’t understand why this turned me, you should know my last name is “Cach.” If you STILL don’t understand my sudden change of heart, well, you have clearly never met my family.

Anyway, there Ray and I were. Navigating the crowded aisles of every groom’s hell. Looking at everything from makeup artists and reception deejays to honeymoon deals and catering. And finally we come to tuxedos. Now here is one area where it was great to have Ray with me. Tuxedos, of course, are one thing that he would (or “will” by the time this whole thing is over) be more of an expert on than me. So we speak to the girl representing the stand and Ray asks the standard questions pertaining to their sizing and discount deals and, oh yeah, if there will be an additional fee if, while wearing his, he jumps into a lake! The look on the girl’s face was priceless. We moved on shortly after.

Overall it was a very successful event for us. While no ultimate decisions were made, we got a lot of information pertaining to different aspects of our ceremony and reception. We were able to narrow down a lot of our prospective vendors. And we began to understand, just a little better, the chaos we have voluntarily set ourselves up for in the coming months.


**Ray’s Tweets from that day are below


ready to try on something white


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Time to drop the sweets and hit the gym. I just made my first appointment to shop for a bridal gown! Eeeeeeek!